The Distillerist launched in 2013 as a fashion blog featuring the voices of a handful of talented young women in the fields of sustainable and ethical fashion and beauty, but since then I have decided to take one step back and another one forward. Today, I’m inspired to share from the frontlines my experiences in creating a life of meaning, connecting style to the context of conscious living and bringing forth more of my own personal pleasure in discovering things I’m curious about as a fashion designer, writer and twenty-something making my way through the world – think: fresh finds that celebrate people, craft, origin and quality amongst a smattering of essays on life, love, style and work. (If you’re looking for The Distillerist 1.0 posts, you can find them all in the archives here.)

My aim? That you can sit down with The Distillerist and a cup of hot tea, and come away feeling a) better b) inspired c) curious for more or d) all of the above. Just like I hope for myself. Who am I? Well, Ana’s the name and you can read about me here.

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